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"...Until You Die" :The Narcissist's Promise 
By, Robin Shaye

FOREWORD:   When Life is Indistinguishable from Art

                     In this book, Robin Shaye affects a miracle: she brings the musty, polysyllabic scholarship of pathological narcissism to life.  Ostensibly, her tome is mere fiction and the protagonists, characters on a stage. But the veneer of fiction can't camouflage the intimate, first-hand, and anguished experiences that underlie it. Through the unfolding saga of one doomed relationship, Robin touches savvily upon all the salient features of living with and loving a psychopathic narcissist.  By his nature, the narcissist misleads his nearest into believing that they are also his dearest. Devoid of any depth of commitment and emotion, robbed of the ability to love and empathize, besieged by overwhelming sensations of fantastic grandiosity, and consumed by a pernicious sense of entitlement, the narcissist preys upon the vulnerable and then devours them.  The narcissist's "relationships" consist of take-and-take. He is an exploiter of the most nefarious kind, giving in return only the bare-bones minimum needed to sustain his victims alive and functioning. Replete with uncontrollable rages and impulses, reckless conduct, indifference to the emotions, needs, and wishes of others, and a predatory mindset, the narcissist is an alien intelligence, vampire-like, and blood-curdling.  However, this reality is efficaciously hidden beneath a well-practiced hypnotic charm, ersatz erudition, displays of virtue, might, and money, and the expert simulation of deep and moving feelings for his would be "sources". The narcissist is a master manipulator and an innate con-man.  Robin seamlessly embeds in her novel her research into this incredible disorder. By witnessing the harrowing misadventures of Skylar, the reader, almost surreptitiously, gets introduced into the core concepts of malignant narcissism and selfishness-run-amok. At the end, this tome is both a warning and a plea to learn from other victims' tumultuous lives and to refrain from the malignant optimism that characterizes most partners of consummate narcissists.

             - Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited -

"Vanity, thy name is narcissism"

Narcissism........with a little humor

How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?

 Just one. The narcissist holds the bulb and the world turns beneath them.

A Christmas song for the narcissist: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing... About Me!


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Symptoms of Narcissism in a nutshell:

1.  Grandiosity/exaggeration

2.  Romanticizing/fantastic thinking

3.  Believes they're special/unique

4.  Requires admiration

5.  Entitled/demanding

6.  Exploitive/manipulative

7.  Lacks empathy

8.  Envious/jealous

9.  Arrogant/haughty


S:  Special / believes he is special and unique

P:  Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success & power

E:  Entitlement

C:  Conceited

I:  Interpersonal exploitation/manipulative

A:  Arrogant

L:  Lacks empathy