"...Until You Die":
The Narcissist's Promise
Robin Shaye

"Robin is a talented writer, with a honed sense of drama and a gift for expressive writing coupled with the scientists' observant mind. Great work!"

      Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited

Note from the author:  This is a true and tragic story that will strike a chord of familiarity to many readers. Narcissists walk around, undetected, in everyday society.  They are men and women.  No one realizes their deadly charm until it's too late.  Protagonist Skylar Bauers had an idealistic belief that her husband, John Bauers, would change his heartless and egotistical ways.  As his narcissistic personality disorder intensified and metamorphosed, combining abuse and the sociopathalogical tendencies that manifested in his childhood, a monster was created.  

A narcissist feeds on the way that others see them.  Whether someone is married to a narcissist or if they are the child of a narcissistic parent, the feeling is the same; loving someone who doesn't love you as much as they love themselves.  John Bauers was not only a narcissist; he was an abuser and he was a sociopath.  All of this presented as a charming, dangerous and vengeful man without a conscience.  The most frightening aspect of this story is the way narcissism and domestic abuse can bleed into the legal system and destroy families.  This story is a raw and naked depiction written to bring awareness to the public in the hopes that no more families will be torn apart after being captivated by a narcissist.      

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When Skylar married John Bauers, she was unaware that his allure was the carefully created persona of a narcissist rather than a man with genuine warmth and charisma.  In conjunction, she learned John was controlling, manipulating and violent.  His charm was a mask, hiding a dangerous, ruthless man who was void of empathy and lacked any shred of morality.  After years of enduring a continuum of abuse, Skylar found the courage to leave and file for divorce.  Although the separation was a relief to Skylar, she was unaware John viewed it as a personal rejection which fueled his anger for vengeful retaliation.  His carefully conceived amiable facade, calculating capabilities and lack of compunction enabled him to utilize the family courts; the  very system Skylar thought would protect her and her children, to continue his abuse and wreak his revenge.  Could Skylar ever stop John, the man who promised her he would continue to seek retribution, "for the rest your life.....until you die."?


...Until You Die: The Narcissist's Promise


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